Green / Woodland Funerals

Green/Woodland burial offers a natural form of burial and can provide important environmental benefits and give a true sense of creating life from death. In recognition of public concern for environmental matters many cemeteries up and down the country are now able to offer this alternative to traditional practices of burial and cremation.

What is a Woodland or Green Burial?

Many people have different concepts of “Green” and “Woodland” burials, but generally it can be defined as an environmentally friendly way of disposing of human remains. Usually there is an area of the cemetery which has been set aside for people who do not wish to have a traditional burial but who wish to be buried. Once a burial has taken place the grave remains “forever” in the natural setting of woodland. It is envisaged that as the woodland begins to mature, it will become a haven for wildlife and wild flowers. This is a return to nature in the true sense and will create a haven of peace and tranquillity.

For many landowners and municipal cemetery authorities the reason for developing woodland cemeteries is borne out of a genuine desire to provide something different and provide an eco-friendly alternative.

The Grave

Many of the cemeteries up and down the country will not allow a grave in the Woodland area to be reserved, and the option of a specific grave position is not always available. Many grave sites will be recorded on a plan and some may be given a marker to indicate the graves, other sites are left to nature with no grave marker.

Exclusive rights (ownership) of the graves can range from 25 years to 100 years depending on the cemetery. Unfortunately each grave will only accept a single burial, because to return after a period of time to open a grave for a double burial would damage the maturing woodland. Cremated remains can also be placed in an existing grave.

Tree Planting

After the interment has taken place and a period of time has passed to allow the grave to settle, a traditional tree is planted at the foot or head of the grave. The trees are usually planted during the right season and then the area is managed to ensure maximum tree growth and to create conditions for wild flowers and nature to flourish. This kind of cemetery management may result in trees being removed to allow sufficient sunlight to reach the ground, consequently some graves may not have trees replanted.

Brocklands Woodland Burial
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