The Oakwood

Oak veneer style coffin with veneered matching moulds.


The Roundhay

Oak style veneer coffin with ‘Jacobean‘ shaped embossed panel sides.


The Montague

Oak style veneer coffin finished with antique shading to highlight the ‘Penshaw’ panels and raised lid.


The Gledhow

Mahogany style veneer coffin with double moulded ‘Jacobean’ shaped embossed panel sides. Polished in a medium mahogany finish.


The Harewood

Oak style veneer coffin with ‘Jacobean‘ shaped embossed panel sides and a raised lid.


The Shadwell

An oak style veneer coffin using Nil Formaldehyde Board. Polished with natural water based polish. Available with bar handles, ring handles, or rope handles. Engraved nameplate also available.


The Allerton

A traditional coffin made using a solid oak veneer over medium density fibre board. A delightful ‘Last Supper’ feature panel is found on the sides, and comes with a raised lid. Polished in a rich Teak colour with a gloss finish.


The Vatican

A solid wood coffin, carefully carved with a striking ‘Last Supper’ feature panel to the sides. Polished to a high gloss finish. Solid brass handles are available or electro brass plastic suitable for cremation.


The Raby White

Oak style veneer coffin with deep routered ‘Penshaw’ panel sides, ends and raised lid.


The Lidgett

Traditionally crafted solid oak coffin with feature deep panels to the sides and ends. The Barnard has a high raised lid and is polished to a rich gloss finish.


The Whitkirk

Exquisitely crafted, semi solid redwood timber coffin made from sapele, or similar FSC certified wood. The Grampian has shaped feature panels to the sides and ends, a high raised lid and a rich gloss finish.


The Ripon

A solid oak casket with decorative panels to the sides, feature corner pillars and a swing raised lid.


The Buckingham

A superior solid mahogany style hardwood casket with decorative panels to the sides and ends, fluted corner pillars and split swing statesmen raised lid.